Ribble Class

Welcome to Ribble Class - Click here to view our Meet the Teacher presentation. 

The Year 3 and Year 4 children in this class are taught by Mrs Lester with support from Mrs Cherry and Mrs Gallagher.

Ribble class have PE on Monday and Wednesday. 

What have Ribble been up to? 

Class Novel 

Our class novel for the Autumn 2 term is a Boy Called Christmas. We invited parents to come into school and read a chapter to us. This is the second time we have had parents to share our class novel with us. We really enjoy it.  

 Ribble class photos 2022 1


So far this year we have been very busy in maths with lots of learning taking place. Our lessons have involved lots of practical activities.  

 Ribble class photos 2022 2

Lancashire Cotton Industry 

As part of our Black History Month learning, our focus was the Lancashire Cotton Trade and its link with the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Ribble were able to make connections between the Lancashire Cotton Trade being a positive thing for Lancashire but how this negatively impacted the lives of enslaved people.  

Roman Museum Trip  

To start off our topic on the Romans, we visited the Roman Museum in our village. We learnt all about the Romans who settled in Ribchester, where the fort was in relation to our village today, what armour and weapons the Roman soldiers had and about the way of life for the soldiers in Ribchester.  

 Ribble class photos 2022 4

Cinema Trip  

To follow on from our Romans topic, we were able to go to the cinema to watch Horrible Histories The Romans.  

 Ribble class photos 2022 5


In art we focussed on the skill of drawing. We looked at adding detail to self-portraits and the importance of different shading techniques.  

 Ribble class photos 2022 6


In Geography we have been learning about the equator, hemispheres, tropics and poles. 
In the photos, we were completing a challenge to find the countries on the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. 

 Ribble class photos 2022 7

Non-Chronological Reports 

In English we used all our learning about the Romans to write a non-chronological report.  

 Ribble class photos 2022 7


In Science we have been learning all about Electricity. We were able to make simple circuits using a cell, wires, a bulb or a buzzer and investigate a variety of materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. 

 Ribble class photos 2022 8