Our Eco Code and Fairtrade Policy

We are proud to be both an Eco School and a Fairtrade School and work together as a whole school to maintain the standards and principles required for both accreditations. In 2014 we received a Green Flag Award for the 3rd time!

Each year our classes elect 'Eco Committee' and Fairtrade representatives.

Below are outlined our policies.

Our Eco Code

  • We will compost our fruit and vegetable waste
  • We will grow our own vegetables, water them from our water butt and fertilize them from our compost
  • We will reuse paper and recycle paper waste, batteries and ink cartridges
  • We will not waste water or electricity
  • We will turn off taps and switches
  • We will try to walk to school
  • We will respect wildlife and the world around us and try to make a wildlife friendly area at school
  • The small things can make a big difference, we realise our actions here can help the world
  • We will spread the word to our friends and family

Fairtrade Policy

At Ribchester St. Wilfrid’s C of E Primary School we are committed to the use of Fairtrade products.

Our school will:

  • Encourage the use of Fairtrade products in the wider community, by holding events promoting Fairtrade products, and creating posters to persuade people to choose Fairtrade products
  • Use only Fairtrade tea and coffee in the school staff room
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to learn about Fairtrade in a range of different subjects
  • Aim to introduce Fairtrade products in the school kitchen