Please click here to see the current Sports Premium action plan. 

Our school has received the following sums in Sports Premium funding from the Government.

  • Sports Funding 2017/2018: Total allocation - £16730 (September 2017 to September 2018)
  • Sports Funding 2016/2017: Total allocation - £8364 (September 2016 to September 2017)

We have utilised the money in the following ways to benefit the children in our School:

Staff Training / Coaching

Children have been introduced to new sports and teaching staff trained-up to continue these sports in future.

Afterschool clubs taken place in Netball and Football to prepare for school tournaments. 

Training for teacher in physical development enhanced.

Safety guidelines for PE in place.

Employed own school sports coach in order to further develop the provision of PE and sports throughout the school.

Supply costs

Allow staff to attend training.


Better quality equipment to replace old worn out equipment for use in PE lessons and after school sessions.

Children given confidence to balance on bikes without the need for stabilisers.

Enhanced provision for outdoor area to meet the needs of Physical Development of reception children.

Cyber coach

Whole school programme which allows children to participate in – ideal for warm-ups in PE.

Competition costs

Allow pupils to take part in competitions.


Allow pupils to take part in competitions further afield.


Storage of PE equipment and making it more accessible.