Following a positive response to our market research and community consultation we opened a Pre-School in September 2022.  This is a governor led Pre-School provision and will be run under Section 27 of the Education Act. School/ the governing body will use its community facility powers enabling us to provide any charitable purpose (such as early education) for the benefit of families of pupils at the school, or families who live or work in the locality of the school.

The Pre-School is available to current aged 3-4 years old, who are due to start school in September 2024.  Applications are being taken for September 2024 start (those due to start school in September 2025). 

Things you will need to provide

Children should not be sent in their "best clothing".  Your child will paint, draw and play outdoors. 

  • A Pre-School sweatshirt is available to purchase from Mary Frances, Derby Road, Longridge. 
  • Jogging bottoms and trainers are ideal for playing and if the children join the Reception class children in a PE lesson. 
  • If possible please provide a pair of wellies for your child to play outside in wet/winter weather
  • Children will need suitable clothing and footwear for all types of weather e.g. a warm coat with a hood, hat and gloves in the colder and wetter months.  A sun hat and sun cream in the warmer months. 
  • A change of clothes 
  • A drinks bottle
  • Nappies, nappy sacks and wipes (if appropriate) 

Please do not send you child in with toys or valuables from home. 

Nursery aged children can received milk whilst at Pre-School.  If your child would like to receive milk on the days they attend please follow the instructions as per the letter attached here. 

To book a place please complete the booking form and parental agreement, to the right of this page, and return to