Walk and Talk Campaign

Walk and Talk is a new Lancashire campaign to promote the importance of communication and language for our youngest children.

Walk and Talk Campaign Certificate 

 Lancashire Aim of the Campaign:

“We know nationally, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on children's communication and language and personal, social and emotional development. Focussing our attention through Walk and Talk will help children develop those vital skills they require for lifelong learning.

The Lancashire Early Years of Life Strategy emphasises the focus on "closing the word gap and improve child communications outcomes", achieving this through the home learning environment, early education environment and through early identification and intervention. The Walk and Talk campaign would support in achieving the aims of the strategy.”


Throughout the year, many supporting resources will be added to help build your child’s communication and language when out and about.

Top tips for communication and language

Discussion ideas for different places such as the park, the woods and the shops