Activities and advice for parents of children in Reception

Getting Ready to Start School

Starting school is a big moment for children (parents and carers too). It can be both an exciting and nervous time as there are lots of new things to remember and see.

We want to support our families so that children have a great start in life which will support their future.

Lancashire have outlined some brilliant top tips for parents to help raise the importance of children being ready for school by 5. The guidance provides support and encourages involvement and responsibility to ensure your child is ready for school outlining support with speaking and listening, independence and interaction with others. It also includes signposts to where families will be able to find more information and support.

Gaining Independence

We enjoy the children to have a good level of independence when starting school. Here are our top tips for starting school. 

The BBC also suggest helping your child to be independent will help children to relax and settle into school easier. Click here to visit the BBC Bitesize website 


Travelling Safely

Little Safety Stars - Road Safety Information for Parents and Carers   



Phonics is a big part of everyday life within school, transforming them from a non-reader to a child who is capable of reading fluently and hopefully spelling accurately by the end of Year 2.

Phase 1

Early phonics teaching in nursery and at the start of Reception focuses on developing children’s listening skills.

In Phase 1 phonics, children are taught about:

-Environmental sounds

-Instrumental sounds

-Body percussion (clapping and stamping)

-Rhythm and rhyme


-Voice sounds

-Oral blending and segmenting (hearing that d-o-g makes ‘dog’)

 Typical activities for teaching Phase 1 phonics include ‘listening’ walks, playing and identifying instruments, action songs, learning rhymes and playing games like ‘I spy’.

This phase is intended to develop children’s listening, vocabulary and speaking skills.

‘Letter and Sounds’ activities you can try with your child at home

‘Teach your Monster to Read’ 


Other useful links to activities 

Hungry Little Minds: Activities and ideas for children from birth to 5 

Tiny Happy People – Helping you develop your child’s communication skills. Explore the simple activities and play ideas and find out about their amazing early development. 

Learning at Home Ideas 

Lancashire Adult Learning provide courses for parents/carers of school aged children and preparation courses for those starting primary school.