Remote Learning Policy

The government have set out expectations with regards to what schools should offer to pupils, if they need to isolate due to coronavirus. The expectations are:

‘For individuals or groups of self-isolating pupils, remote education plans should be in place. These should meet the same expectations as those for any pupils who cannot yet attend school at all due to coronavirus (COVID-19). In the event of a local outbreak, the PHE health protection team or local authority may advise a school or number of schools to close temporarily to help control transmission. Schools will also need a contingency plan for this eventuality. This may involve a return to remaining open only for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers and providing remote education for all other pupils.’

Along with this letter please follow links to 2 other documents:

1. Contingency Plan for Remote Learning

2. Remote Learning Policy

The contingency plan sets out what learning will be provided in the event that pupils have to isolate. The plan details 3 main overarching situations:

(i) If a child is out of school for a couple of days;

(ii) If a child is out for up to 14 days (or longer if medical reason);

(iii) If we have to close a bubble in school or there is a full school closure needed.

The policy shares what we want to achieve from remote learning, including expectations for staff, children and families. 

As you can imagine, the landscape of coronavirus and its implications on our lives at home, work and school are always subject to change. It is important that, as guidance changes from the government, we will be adapting our plan and policies accordingly. We will aim to face the challenges positively, and with a sense of calmness and flexibility. All our policies and procedures, therefore, need to be seen in the same way.

I hope you find these documents useful and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs A Cottam Headteacher