World War I Armistice 2018

Armistice 2018 1

This term at Ribchester St Wilfrid’s have been doing about World War 1. On the 11th of November at the Guild Hall we are doing a performance as an act of remembrance. Also at school we have been doing poems about shell shock and disfigurement. Here is a snippet of one-

10 Seconds of the Somme

Trudging through discoloured grass 10,

Seeing young generations being demolished 9,

The gas disappearing in the air 8,

Unlikable eyes put to rest 7,

Unsaveable souls 6,

Shells only metres away 5,

The gun shot 4,

Unforgettable scars build up in my heart 3,

This is were it begins 2,

People dropping like flies 1,

My time is up 0,                      

By Ellie


PS. If time come to the armistices performance, it will be good!


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10:25, 07 Nov 2018 by Angela Bailey