In Wyre we have been finding out about Shakespeare’s Richard III. Whilst we have been acting to make sure we understand the play properly, we have been looking at the language and translating it. Some people auditioned for the main parts like Lady Anne and Richard III .Mrs Taylor chose the characters and everyone was happy. A few weeks ago, we went to the Charter Theatre in Preston to see where we are going to perform. We showed another school our first scene and they liked it! We then went to a room upstairs and practised slow motion fighting and slow motion actions. Some people also did the follow the hand method. You get with a partner and you have to follow their hand wherever it goes.

Everyone is VERY exited! It will be performed at the Charter theatre. PLEASE COME! It is on the 5th of November and everyone has learnt most of their lines! YAY!

By Olivia

10:22, 05 Nov 2018 by Angela Bailey