Bishop Philip's Visit


Bishop Philip took a little visit to our school on the 18th October, introduced himself and showed us a couple of pieces of his clothing that he would wear when he walked into a church ceremony. A volunteer came up to the front of the school hall and wore his clothing to understand what each piece was for. Minutes later, five more volunteers came up and acted out the ten lepers they were scratching and itching and then Jesus stumbled across them and they shouted “UNCLEAN UNCLEAN,” whilst ringing there bell, however he ignored them and walked closer and closer. Jesus went over to them and healed their body even though he would have caught the disease and in the end only one came back to say thankyou.

By: Kian

Bishop Visit

As we were all sat down, Bishop Philip started to introduce himself. Then he asks for a volunteer to come up and be a Bishop.

He chose to dress up Florence, who is in reception, everyone seemed to like it.

After that, Philip asks for more volunteers to help tell a story of the 10 leapers. When he got to the back, he told William to be Jesus. Strolling to the front of the hall, Philip got William’s arm and touched all five people on the shoulders. Philip jumped around with four of the children and they went to sit back in their. Places he got the last pupil and told her to say to William (Jesus) thank you.  He then asked what the story was about. After a lot of question he made a prayer about what we had discussed.

It was nice to see Bishop Philip for the first time.      

By: Eleanor

 Bishop Visit

I am writing this blog after a great visit from Bishop Philip to our school.


First, he dressed Florence from reception like a bishop. Then he told one of the stories from the gospels. He told the story of the ten lepers. He only got five volunteers to be the ten lepers but then he changed it to the five lepers. He also told us what they would have to do - they would ring their bell then shout “unclean!”


After that, he chose someone to be Jesus. They then did a roleplay. Jesus was walking in a desert then he saw the five lepers. He then started to walk up to the five lepers! The lepers rang their bells. He carried on walking forward; they shouted “unclean!” but Jesus carried on walking. The lepers rang their bells as hard as they could. Jesus carried on walking. The lepers shouted “UNCLEAN!” at the top of their voice but still Jesus went up and touched all the lepers.


All of a sudden, they realised they were cured. They all danced and sang and ran back to their families. They all ran off but one came back. He was the only one who said thank you.

 It was a wonderful visit I am very grateful to his visit I hope he comes again.

 By: Harry        

Bishop Visit

Bishop Philip visited our school today and told use a story from the Bible. He did this in a fun way by letting us take part.

Five volunteers had to pretend to have an infectious illness. The illness was very scratchy so the volunteers pretended to scratch and scratch.

Bishop Philip asked about the lepers and a lot of people threw their hands up to answer the question such as me but Bishop Philip lifted me off my seat and told me that I was Jesus. I went closer to the lepers. They rung their bells and bellowed “un- clean, un-clean” but Bishop Philip told me to go closer and closer and closer but the lepers rung their bells again “un-clean, un-clean”.

However I went closer and touched a leper and touched another one and another one and the last one. All of them were better and one came back to say thank you.

I went to the front of the hall and every one not including me clapped and I took a big bow and sat down. All of us including me said the prayer and then grace and sung I the lord of sea and sky.

I felt very excited about me being Jesus and being brought up in a performance and I felt quite sorry for no-one clapping for the pretend lepers because they were performing first.

By: William


09:45, 19 Oct 2017 by Angela Bailey